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Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Voice Technology Update

Virtual Event

2:00pm, Thu 21 May, 2020

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Necessity is the mother of invention.

It’s not until we’re required to change that we actually do. This can be said both for customer behaviour towards new innovations, and organisational response to change in the world. We rarely reinvent our organisations for the sake of it. We do it because sales are declining, costs are climbing, we’re losing market share, or increased customer expectations threaten our relevance.

It’s the companies who spot the change and act on it that succeed. Those that are blissfully unaware, too sentimental or stubborn, fail. Blockbuster, anyone? So what effect does a global lockdown have on customer behaviour? And will that be enough to require you to change now or in the near future? And what role can emerging technology, specifically voice and speech technology, play for your business in a transformed world?

Join one of the voice industry’s top experts, Kane Simms, to find out. In this virtual event, Kane will run through some of the consumer trends that have led to businesses using voice technologies to engage customers at home, and share advice on how your company can do the same to stay relevant today. Kane also covers some of the customer behaviours that will stick around after COVID, and how voice technologies can help your business prepare for and thrive in a changed world.

Key takeaways from this event will be:

Understand the impact that coronavirus has had on voice assistant usage during lockdown
Find out how you can provide value to customers with voice technology today
Learn how changing behaviours and attitudes will impact businesses post-lockdown
Be inspired about the potential for voice technology to help us return back to normality in a better state than before

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Event Agenda

  • 14:00 Intro from Waracle
  • 14:10 Presentation from VUX World Kane Simms
  • 14:45 Q&A & Discussion
  • 15:00 Close