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Mobile Apps & IoT Development for Digital Health and Care

Waracle has been involved in digital health and care for a number of years, working alongside world leading pharmaceutical, dental, research and health organisations. As the provision of health and care service delivery faces seemingly insurmountable pressures to reduce costs and improve health and care outcomes a move to digital is transforming this sector like never before.

Our Services

Waracle’s services are tailored specifically to answer key challenges within the health and care sector; such as how to manage data, ensure confidentiality while sharing information more securely and widely within networks and systems which improves access through effective interoperability, better insight which enables more effective decision making and increases capacity and improved user experiences.

Our Services

Waracle and Digital Health

Waracle’s experience lies in research, clinical trials and process improvement mobile apps, IoT and some of the projects are quite literally life changing. The increasing use of mobile devices, improved distribution of diagnostic health services and the drive for cost effective services are just some of the reasons digital health and care, is becoming a big deal.

Our Thoughts

We have a genuine passion in using digital health and care innovation to drive improved health and wellbeing outcomes for users and service providers. We are proud of our results and breakthrough achievements and we will keep pushing the boundaries of what today’s technology can do. It is one of the reasons why we are one of the UK’s best IoT and mobile app development companies for multiple years running. As much as we can share what we are doing, we will, and you’ll find our own and key industry players latest thoughts on all things digital health and care right here.