Digital Health and Clinical Research

Unprecedented, life-changing digital products

Shaping the Future of Digital Health

Digital products offer profound opportunities to redefine how we’ll live our lives in the future. Everyday we’re quite literally captivated by what can be achieved with the technology we work with – and what we are achieving with our clients. Being at the very edge of new discoveries comes with great responsibility. We’re often dealing with highly sensitive personal data and patentable ideas and the Waracle team take very seriously the need for confidentiality and privacy very seriously – you can trust us!

Digital Strategies for Health

Our experience lies in research, clinical trials and process improvement mobile apps and IoT. It’s no exaggeration that many of our projects in this space are life changing, but this is more than just technology. We have a keen focus on replicating the interaction of end-users with their healthcare team from face-to-face exams to digital products, which is so much more than just screen design. The Waracle team have worked across the full range of platforms and technologies, very often employing key gamification techniques to boost engagement.


NHS - Patient Research

Struggling with slow paper processes the NHS needed an easy, modern, and highly efficient way of gathering critical data from their patients. As opposed to receiving out-of-date information that had been through a number of laborious data entry stages, researchers, with Waracle’s Patient Research App, have information hot-off-the-press. It’s no exaggeration that digital products present unprecedented hope for the future of our health.


Digital Health Thoughts