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Redefining the future of Digital Health

Digital solutions to our most urgent healthcare challenges offer unprecedented opportunities to profoundly redefine how we’ll live our lives now, and in the future. And at WHQ, every day is an opportunity for our teams and our clients to ourselves be redefined by what can be achieved with the technologies we work with – and nowhere is this more conspicuous than Digital Health.

As Machine Learning, AI, AR and Mobile technologies start to take very firm root in the healthcare ecosystem, the possibilities for radical change in healthcare – and therefore our communities, cities, countries, and globally – are here. For those that dare, many more will win.

Life-changing solutions

Our Digital Health experience lies in research, clinical trials, process-improvement mobile apps and IoT. The Waracle team have worked across the full range of platforms and technologies, fully-immersed in the client and patient needs, and very often employing key gamification techniques to boost engagement, and the results never cease to astound. It’s not an exaggeration to say that many of our projects in this space are life changing, and as such, so much more than ‘just’ technology.

Where excellence and efficiency overlap

Being at the very edge of new discoveries comes with great responsibility. We’re often dealing with highly sensitive personal data and patentable ideas, and it goes without saying that the Waracle team take very seriously the need for confidentiality and privacy across all of our projects. That’s why healthcare giants like NHS Scotland trust us to deliver on their vision of efficient, streamlined healthcare that puts patient care firmly at the heart of it. If you’d like to join them, let’s talk.

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