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Waracle Facilitated:

A simplified equipment offering.

GAP needed to pull together large, legacy, disparate data sets into a modern data structure that could facilitate a modern and simplified interface calling to APIs via containerised microservices.

Waracle Developed:

A new data structure informed web platform.

Waracle established the needs of both customers and employees to ensure we were building for end-users, we then rigorously specified the technical requirements to ensure a secure, high-fidelity set of web platforms was created.

Waracle Enabled:

Better user experiences and simpler employee processes.

Our teams worked as a cross-functional, cross-organisational creative, project management and development team to help GAP bring to life their new internal & customer experience.

Capabilities Deployed:

Data engineering - Project management - Scrum Masters - Web Development - Testing - QA

"The key objective for the Waracle team was to expose the foundations of GAP’s existing suite of technologies. Then design and deliver whilst carefully balancing the needs of internal stakeholders with the reality of customer expectations."

David Romilly, Chief Revenue Officer, Waracle

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