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Workplace build and deliver employee-friendly forecasting and scheduling tools, Smart Schedules™ which drive increases in revenue and improved engagement. Since its founding in 1986, Workplace has evolved into a global player with offices in London, Chicago, and Sydney.


Waracle get Agile. They extend our capability by working as active participants of one of our scrum teams to deliver first-class mobile software that helps provide value to our customers

Ronan O’Dulaing, Chief Product Officer


Workplace sought to upgrade their mobile web app to further expand their drive towards enabling collaborative scheduling within a workforce. The aim was to provide employees more access and input to managing their own work schedules and shifts through an easy to learn user interface.

Workplace needed a partner who could deliver a wealth of mobile expertise and experience and bring the new aspect of their portfolio to life. Workplace would deliver this app, along with their other Smart Schedules™ services to many organisations throughout the world, covering sectors such as hospitality and leisure, retail and transportation.

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Waracle kicked off the project with Workplace with an Ideation Workshop to thoroughly understand and explore what needed to be achieved, work through use cases, mock-up wireframes and agree the development phases and deliveries.

As Workplace already operated a strong Agile methodology, Waracle’s own Agile approach was able to fit in seamlessly with their in-house processes. In addition Waracle brought specialist mobile app development knowledge, UX and UI expertise to the project.

As Workplace would be deploying this service for other companies it would in many cases operate in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment and therefore the app was developed for iOS and Android.

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The Workplace app is now in use across three continents and in fourteen languages. Using the app employees can easily see when they are scheduled on shift, set their availability, request more shifts or even swap with other employees.

For the employer they can easily and more conveniently manage shift requirements, update contact details and send alerts to their employees which has considerably improved their communication and overall satisfaction.

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