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ScotRail is the largest train operator in Scotland, running services on all routes across the network, and connecting the seven cities.


Our app has overhauled our old system in a very short timeframe. It’s so much easier for our staff and they are enjoying the changes. Our ability easily and quickly collect, manage and analyse this data has changed what was a painful process into one that really works for our business now


In an ongoing drive to increase efficiency in order to deliver a more effective and much improved service to their customers ScotRail continue to look for ways to make their business run smoother. Part of this was to automate their obligation to regulators to provide sample information throughout their rail network on passenger numbers on particular services.

Up until their work with Waracle this process involved staff boarding trains with an old fashioned hand-held tally counter (clicker), writing up their numbers, taking this information to administration staff who then typed up the information and made it ready for analysing and review. Clearly not an easy or efficient process for the organisation.

ScotRail wanted to create an easier system for their staff to manage, faster to upload, less administration and more effective to analyse and it importantly it needed to be mobile.

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Waracle was chosen based on their mobile expertise and ability to rally around the project to meet a very aggressive deadline. Within a matter of weeks ScotRail needed to implement the new solution and have it delivering results for the organisation.

The teams from ScotRail and Waracle kicked off with and Ideation Workshop to thrash out the requirements, understand the use cases, mockup wireframes and agree to the Agile approach, the use of stand-ups and when demo’s would be shared. Critical features came out of this workshop such as right and left hand options but the big challenge was to make a complex task simple. It was important that staff would be able to easily use the app first time without any issues or any significant training.

As the staff using the app we’re geographically spread the app would be managed through ScotRail’s internal Mobile Device management (MDM) which gave them important control over the content that could be downloaded, version updates and security.

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Within just a matter of weeks a cumbersome manual process was transformed. Staff no longer needed clickers but could now complete their task using a mobile phone and the data would be delivered, in the format needed, live to the back-end database for analysis and reporting.

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