Waracle are the trusted innovation partner to deliver fast agile, business critical apps for Scotmid

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The Client's Challenge

In a highly competitive marketplace Scotmid wanted to explore ways it could reach out to its members to let them know about special offers and other member benefits. Using traditional print media or other advertising methods could be quite hit and miss and was absolutely not targeting the younger membership. Scotmid sought ways of delivering special offers more effectively and needed to be able to dynamically engage with members and demonstrate tangible benefits.

Waracle Digital Solution

Waracle was chosen to create the iOS, Android and Windows app based on their experience and Agile approach to getting project up and running as quickly as possible. The Scotmid Membership App, exclusively available to smart device using Scotmid members, can be dynamically updated with new special offers, it includes information about events Scotmid is supporting and hosting, up to the minute news feeds, pulling in website news and social media posts, and a handy store finder. Scotmid can also tailor the offer based on a member’s proximity to a store create geo-based push notifications. For Scotmid to be able to craft offers that truly represented benefit to the members it was critical that they could access data including the usage of the app, popularity of the features, and conversion of the offers – this was an integral part of the planning and development process. The administration of the app has been integrated with the Scotmid website so both can be operated quickly and easily from the same place. This also means that Scotmid members who have already registered with our online ‘Membership Hub’, can use the same login details for the app.

The Results

The launch of the Scotmid Membership App sees Scotmid leading the way with technology for consumer co-operatives. From the moment it was launched, downloads increased week on week with Scotmid consumers engaging in the app and using it frequently to access the offers instore.  App Store Optimisation services ensure the Scotmid team receive data to continually improve push notifications and other features of the app.

"We chose to partner with Waracle because of their experience and also their straightforward way of thinking and working. The Waracle team has been invaluable in ensuring that we kept focus on what we want the app to achieve and that we make this as simple as possible for the end users - the Scotmid members" Laura Paterson, Membership and Community Officer, Scotmid Co-operative