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The Client's Challenge

Pinpoint already had a tried and trusted personal alarm solution, when triggered it would send an alert to displays located throughout the facility being monitored. All staff using the Pinpoint system carry Personal Infrared Transmitters (PITs) to activate calls for emergency and/or assistance. Pinpoint wanted to improve the effectiveness of the alarms even further by sending the alerts via staff mobiles so that notification could be received onsite or offsite. Alert notifications had been sent to pagers but Pinpoint wanted to open up the communication to a broader channel by integrating a mobile app into their solution.

Waracle Digital Process

Waracle was chosen based on their IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile app development expertise. Understanding the existing environment and the user ‘journeys’ Waracle sought to implement a strategy to complement the static displays by building an IoT app to work on multiple smart devices that not only allowed alerts to be sent to a wider range of people, it provided the capability of doing this off site as well as in close proximity. By hooking up a single board computer, Pinpoint are able to immediately send alarm alerts to remote places and gather statistical and diagnostic data which is sent to the cloud or multiple users.


Adapting and improving everyday processes is exactly what can be achieved with mobile and IoT apps. By using sensors to connect static objects to the web, Waracle and Pinpoint were able to further improve staff safety and open up the ability to analyse and access alarm data remotely.

"The fact is many staff face potentially violent and aggressive situations every day, we’re committed to making sure they are equipped with the best technology possible to help keep them safe. Adding a Pinpoint mobile app to our offering opens up so many new opportunities to safeguard front line staff." Allan Aikman, Senior Design Engineer, Pinpoint