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The Client's Challenge

Patient information is core to shape and mould future decisions on care. Within the School of Dentistry patient information was a paper-based process that was handed out at the end of each consultation. The recorded information was passed onto an admin team for data entry and when available used for ongoing analytics and research. A very slow and expensive process. NHS Scotland wanted a faster method of gathering data and getting it in the hands of researchers as quickly as possible. The ideal scenario was to have the patient’s feedback immediately available and in a usable format.

Waracle Digital Solution

Waracle was chosen based on their mobile expertise. An Ideation Workshop was created to thrash out the requirements, understand the use cases, mockup wireframes and agree the development phases and deliveries.It was critical that the Android based ‘Patient Engagement Tool’ kept the user engaged while they were completing the short survey. Waracle enlisted key gamification techniques to make the survey completion seem easy, fun and confidential. The app was locked down so that only the survey could be accessed. Waracle were asked to scope which devices would best suit the project which the NHS then purchased.The app would take the data inputs and instantaneously shared it to a private cloud based web-admin database. From there it was immediately available for review, analysis and extrapolation by the researchers. The resulting data could easily be used and exported in a wide number of tools.


The app provided the NHS with an easy, modern and highly efficient way of gathering key data from their patients. Researchers could access real-time data hot-off-the-press and begin to work with the dataset to enrich their on-going research studies. The app has helped the Dentistry department save time and money for the NHS. The app has been exceptionally well received within the department and by patients and is attracting wider interest from within other sections of NHS Education for Scotland.

"The app Waracle developed and continually supports, helps the Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme save time and money for the NHS. It's attracting wider interest from within other sections of NHS Education for Scotland." Pete Stevenson, Dental Assessment Project Manager, NHS Education for Scotland