Clydesdale Bank

Waracle are the trusted innovation partner to deliver fast agile, business critical apps for Clydesdale Bank

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The Client's Challenge

Mobile is a core strategy for Clydesdale Bank and key to their customer services proposition. The bank is committed to put banking in the hands of their customers, wherever they are, whenever they want access. B, Clydesdale’s newest current and savings account absolutely has the ‘think mobile first’ philosophy at its core. The iOS and android B app makes managing everyday money simple and rewarding for customers. To deliver this the bank needed a trusted partner who could rapidly develop, test and deliver. The bank also sought to boost internal resources with expertise in mobility with the objective of growing their own skill set while in the middle of a key development.

Waracle Digital Solution

As Clydesdale already operated a strong Agile methodology, Waracle’s own Agile approach was able to fit in seamlessly with their in-house processes. The bank needed to move the project at a very fast pace and Waracle responded with a blend of face-to-face workshops, meetings and online collaboration and remote delivery. Waracle co-located engineers within the bank’s facility for the development build as knowledge transfer was a key objective of the bank the project. Waracle refer to this process as positive mobile contamination. Waracle diffuse mobile expertise and thinking into the bank’s existing development team, get the mobile product into the market and enable the bank to grow their own skill base. Once the software is up and running Waracle are able to respond to mobilisation requirements across other areas of the business. This is a highly dynamic and engaging process.


Having a strong idea of what they wanted to achieve Clydesdale bank sought out a partner who could deliver results quickly. Working against very tight timeframes Waracle was able to deliver quick iterations for the customer to view and speed the overall project along using its Agile approach. Co-locating with the customer meant revisions could be addressed quickly and importantly mobility expertise could be transferred on an ongoing basis.