Top 5 Mobile Megatrends for 2018

20th September 2017
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Mobile trends are always changing. If your business involves sensors, apps, wearable devices or big data, and you haven’t already started developing an IoT initiative, now is the time to start. As new technologies emerge, there are vast opportunities for enterprises seeking to expand existing operations and software functionality into the IoT. In 2018, the IoT will continue to rapidly evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, providing a compelling competitive differentiator for innovators and early adopters. Download the megatrends whitepaper to learn more!

There are also many business benefits associated with deploying artificial intelligence technologies in conjunction with existing and new mobile app development projects. The key to getting this right in 2018 will be based upon businesses ability to identify solid commercial use case scenarios and finding the right suppliers to integrate the technology. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

What’s more, traditional type based search is now starting to diminish in favour of voice activated commands. Keyword matching and search possess the ability to deliver huge amounts of data, whereas voice control provides the ability to generate less data but with far more specific results. Semantic search, both in web and mobile apps, will become increasingly intuitive as natural language processing becomes more sophisticated. As a business, you’ll need to consider how voice control is liable to impact your company’s software offering and develop a plan that incorporates voice control into your future technology roadmap.

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Top 5 Mobile Megatrends for 2018