Top 5 Mobile Megatrends 2016

21st January 2016
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Businesses all over the world continue to seek mobility solutions to engage customers and deploy exciting new products and services. This whitepaper will explore everything you need to know about the seismic alterations in the mobile landscape and highlight the five areas your company must focus on to get ahead in mobile. This whitepaper explores the Top 5 Mobile Megatrends 2016.

If you’re a retailer, mobile payments are changing everything. Enabling contactless and mobile payments can create massive efficiency gains for your business. By enabling faster payments, you’ll be able to process more customers through your POS system in a shorter timescale. This keeps your customers happy too because they’ll spend less time waiting for payments to be processed at the checkout. Enabling mobile payments can help increase your revenue, process more customers and create increased levels of customer satisfaction.

If you’re in the business of software development, developing apps for connected household appliances is a great bet too.

If you’re a business looking to get into mobile, the time to act is now. You need to think about how mobile is affecting your business and develop a strategy that can exploit the lucrative rewards that mobile technology has to offer.

Mobile is also a great bet if you’re seeking to expand the functionality of an existing desktop software application or enhance your business processes internally.

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Top 5 Mobile Megatrends 2016