Mobile Megatrends Whitepaper

29th April 2014
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When all is said and done, to remain competitive, to survive, a robust long-term mobile strategy that gets iterated often is non-negotiable. For the greatest shot at success, ground your strategy in both technology and your goals, the big data you gather around your target audience and of course your budget. Put together a mobile roadmap and use what you can of your existing technology to get projects moving and start delivering a consistent experience into your mobile channel.

There are seismic shifts in the mobile landscape – and we’ve nailed down the 5 megatrends in mobile that as a CEO, Software Development Manager or Marketing Manager you need to be focused on to take advantage of these unique mobile business opportunities.

You must start to look beyond questions like what to ‘mobilize’ and what devices to design and build your content around. Your eye now needs to be firmly on the bigger picture – ‘How can I use mobile to make my business work harder?’, ‘How can mobile help me be more competitive in the market place?’, ‘How can I take advantage of the new opportunities that mobile offers now, and that it will be offering in the near future?’, ‘What do I need to do to innovate around mobile capabilities in a way that gives my customers what they want and gives my business the competitive advantage?’.

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Mobile Megatrends Whitepaper