6 Easy Tips to Lead Remote Teams

20th March 2020
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If you are used to being a hands-on leader in the office who loves sitting with your team in close proximity, removing impediments, maintaining energy levels, leading stand ups, having 1-2-1s and reading the room, you may left wondering how to lead remote teams and maximise productivity and workflow.

Right now, remote working is a necessity to support the ongoing social distancing effort and in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, which means being as effective and impactful as you were in the office, but from a distance.

There is a huge difference between being present and being available. We have all worked in offices where our bosses are ‘crazy busy at the moment’, where ‘the doing’ takes over ‘the managing’. We empower our managers and leaders to be open, present and available at all times, and in remote situations this is even more true. Whether it is a five minute call, a video conference, an instant message or a text, make sure that the people who look to you for guidance and reassurance have the means to get it. If your team feels supported, they will feel motivated and in turn you will feel in control.

At Waracle, we want to support the businesses and individuals in any way we can. If you want any support on how to get the most out of your remote teams, get in touch. We are always happy to help. We run projects in-house, from our offices and with remote teams, so we know how to navigate this difficult new landscape and across multiple teams who are only connected via technology platforms such as Slack. Download our ‘How To Lead Remote Teams‘ pdf for 6 tips to managing effectively during this time.

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6 Easy Tips to Lead Remote Teams


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