How To Justify Serverless Architecture In Your Business

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5th May 2020
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serverless architecture

Serverless enables computational processing without developers touching an actual server (physically or virtually). Your chosen cloud provider dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources on your behalf, leaving your developers to do what they do best.

Partnering with a cloud provider who maintains, manages and is responsible for scaling of your technical infrastructure, businesses can quickly realise a number of benefits:

  • Cost reduction – Especially in DevOps infrastructure and capability
  • Scalability – Flexibility built into your apps without touching a server
  • Better customer outcomes – By increasing the proximity to the end-user, minimising latency
  • More agility – The ability to make rapid updates and deployments

Whilst serverless architecture may not be for everyone, here at Waracle we have seen the tangible business benefits first-hand.

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serverless architecture

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How To Justify Serverless Architecture In Your Business