4 Essentials for Mobile Marketing

26th September 2019
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You can develop an amazing app but you need to make sure it’s discovered for its benefits and you need to drive installation and engage your target users.

If your business is launching a new mobile app then it’s an exciting time. You’ve optimised your descriptions, screens and keywords for the app stores, you’ve got your analytics in place, you hopefully have an onboarding plan, but, have you really thought about your app digital marketing strategy?

Whether you distribute your content via email, AdWords, social media, or indeed another marketing channel, the main thing is to implement your mobile app content marketing as soon as you’re ready – even before your app even launches.

Download this whitepaper and discover the 4 essentials of mobile app marketing. In it, we go beyond mobile app development to guide you through the key tenets of digital marketing including email marketing, social media, adwords and content marketing, helping you to increase your app downloads and improve your mobile strategy.

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4 Essentials for Mobile Marketing