How to create the ultimate inbound marketing checklist

22nd January 2014

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Sometimes the task of online marketing can feel overwhelming. Inbound marketing has evolved over time into a complex art form – understanding how to become it’s master has never been more important. In order to create long-term success, you need to develop a comprehensive inbound marketing checklist. Once you’ve developed something, the key is to optimise and stick to it relentlessly.

“88% of consumers who search for your business via mobile will call or visit within 24 hours”

Your job entails mastering analytics, PPC, developing a coherent social media strategy (one that delivers real business) and content creation. Managing all of these disparate elements effectively requires structure and discipline. The overall task of full-stack marketing is now so complex; there are entire conferences devoted to it.

“93% of small businesses have websites that are not mobile compatible”

Many businesses fail to develop a proper inbound marketing management process. There are significant barriers to entry when it comes to inbound marketing for businesses that don’t understand it, are focusing on the wrong things or simply lack organizational structure. Using the right tools and processes to manage inbound marketing can help any company to grow sales.

“In the next 2 years sales of tablets will outstrip sales of desktop PC’s”

So here are our top 5 tips on how to create the ultimate inbound marketing checklist:

1.) Use an agile marketing methodology like sprint to organize and prioritise tasks

2.) Monitor your analytics and do your optimization work every morning

3.) Repurpose frequent, persona focused content for your blog and inbound/outbound marketing efforts

4.) Establish a daily process for scoring the quality of sales leads you generate

5.) Regularly check your website analytics and make sure its optimized for mobile

Here at Waracle, we’re absolutely obsessed with mobile and inbound marketing checklists. We’ve worked with the UK’s top brands and marketing managers to develop mobile apps, responsive websites and inbound mobile marketing campaigns that help you to increase sales.  If you’re a brand or marketing manager looking for a killer edge in mobile or inbound, contact us today.

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