The 3 most exciting pieces of wearable tech we know about

7th June 2013

Wearable tech is a big deal in the tech world, like really big. Everything is pointing to this being the next wave coming to the industry, and if you look you can already see it rearing up to break now. Every day there are new wearable tech projects appearing on Kickstarter and on tech news websites, the age of us wearing computers is fast approaching.

At Waracle we’re pretty damned excited about this latest wave, it has the potential to expand the mobile and app scene in ways we haven’t seen before and, also, we’re all tech lovers here. Shiny new toys will always been something to get excited about.

With all this in mind, we thought we’d take a quick look at the 3 bits of wearable tech that we think are the most exciting things coming soon to your body.

1. The MYO

This one is something that popped up briefly a couple of months ago and then disappeared back into the ether. Well, it’s appeared again, this time with the company behind it Thalmic Labs have just raised $14.5 million in funding to help create their vision. The MYO is an armband that doubles as a haptic sensor (reading the electrical signals going to your muscles) and a movement sensor (in the MYO apparently a 9 direction sensor is involved to cover all eventualities).

Through these sensors users can use a variety of gestures to control their electronic world. Just take a look at this video here to see it in action. Pretty sweet right? This kind of tech is, at the moment, mostly gimmicky in nature, but the guy using the MYO during a presentation really shows where this might take off. University lectures and business presentations could be made a lot more dynamic and interesting with the kind of fine tuned gesture control the MYO promises, and then of course, there’s the potential for developers to make things from it that no one has even thought of yet.

And besides, who doesn’t like the idea of snapping their fingers to start and stop music playing?

2. Google Glass

Possibly the most prominent and divisive of the wearable tech that’s coming soon, Glass is also probably the most exciting. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Glass is the on head camera/HUD combo that sci-fi movies have been predicting for years. It connects directly to your phone and acts as an extension of it, providing you information cards on what it thinks you want to know right now, as well as heads up maps and real-time navigation. And then there’s the camera, which can take pictures and full HD video.

This is causing a big stink on the internet right now as people are concerned about privacy issues such as people taking pictures of them in the toilet and such. This is, by the accounts of people who have used Glass, actually quite difficult to do because there’s the recording light on the front of Glass indicating video is being taken. And you have to look at what you’re recording. And you have to tell it or touch it for recording to happen. All in all, it’s easier to take surreptitious pictures with a smartphone than Glass. Glass represents a change in how we consume data though, and our money is on it not being the immediate game changer, but the device that lead the way to it. Mark our words, Glass 2.0 is going to be the thing to have when it arrives.

3. iWatch

Not too much is known about the supposed iWatch at the moment. Apple have recently filed a patent for the name in Russia, which could be a fake-out, but it’s unlikely. Tim Cook has recently stated that he thinks Google Glass is a dead end, that no one really wants to wear glasses when they don’t have to, and that the wrist is the natural next step for wearable tech.

This statement can be seen as a near confirmation of our suspicions that Apple are indeed making a Smart Watch, but as for what’s in it, that’s a different question entirely. The rumours right now point to it being very similar to other smart watches out there; it will link directly with your phone and work as a first point of contact for you, much like Glass promises to do. Apple also recently patented what looked an awful lot like NFC tech, so there’s a chance that they may have that in there as well. That’s all we really know for now though, and until Apple pull back the shroud later this year, we won’t know much more.

Unless there’s another big leak of course, can always hope for that.

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