Google Glass Developers: No Advertising Allowed

17th April 2013

Are you working on the first wave of Google Glass apps? Developers currently working on apps for Google Glass have been told in no uncertain terms, that there will be no adverts injected into the devices display. Google has recently published terms under which potential app developers must operate. One of the other surprising stipulations set out in these guidelines is the fact that developers cannot charge for Google Glass apps. Google is now shipping the Glass device which comes with a built-in 5 megapixel camera and voice activated controls. The first wave of Google Glass devices are currently being shipped to app developers and ‘Glass Explorers’.

Developing Apps For Google Glass

Earlier this year Google ran a competition inviting potential Glass users to come up with innovative ideas for using the device. As expected, app developers have been extremely keen to get their hands on the technology too. In addition, Google has finally posted the specifications of the device which includes a ‘bone conduction transducer’. This remarkably complex sounding feature enables users to experience sound and music without the need for wearing headphones. Instead sound waves are delivered to the users ear via the cheekbone.

Google Glass Specifications

In terms of battery life, Google are stipulating that it should last for what’s considered to be a ‘full day’ of use. Whilst Google Glass is able to record HD video at a resolution of 720p, the device is also provides the equivalent of looking at a 25” TV screen from roughly 8 feet away. Google Glass will possess the ability to connect with other peripheral mobile devices via bluetooth and Wi-Fi and also comes complete with 16GB of built-in storage.

What Do Google Do With The Data?

Privacy groups are currently up in arms regarding the proposed Google Glass technology. Some onlookers are concerned that as consumers we simply accept fatalistically the direction in which technology is heading, and that as consumers we must proactively avoid such technologies. This is about social and physical boundaries and determining what we believe is acceptable for ourselves and people around us as consumers. People are still trying to decide if Google Glass represents the future of technology, or the mass market introduction of the most threatening and controversial device ever developed.

Google Glass Competitors in Japan and China

Google are not the only company working on wearable glass technology. A Japanese firm called Telepathy Inc will be watching the news of Google Glass unfold with great interest. The Chinese search behemoth Baidu has also outlined it’s plans to deploy glass style technology, clearly in line with Google’s idea of monetising advertising through search result listings in Google Glass.
Do You Have An Idea For Developing Google Glass Apps?

As app developers, we’re conditioned to visualise the potential of developing software for new and exciting platforms. Much of the controversy surrounding Google Glass will be influenced by the direction in which app developers decide to take their apps and development projects. In the build up to the launch of Google Glass, it’s possible that the focus of discussion will shift from how amazing the technology is, towards the potential concerns surrounding privacy. Do you have an idea for developing a Google Glass you’d like to share with us? If so please feel free to use the comments box below.

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