Google Glass App Developer Kit (GDK)

17th May 2013

Google has announced that the 2000 developers who turned up to last year’s I/O conference are now able to pick up their Glass headsets. In light of this, app developers all over the world are conceptualising the next generation of software for the wearable Google Glass technology. Google is now working on a GDK (Glass Development Kit) that will enable developers to build apps for Google Glass. One of the major features the GDK will enable app developers to implement is the ability to perform live video streaming.

Google Glass Apps

It was during a talk at the I/O conference in which senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan provided developers with a walkthrough of Google Glass. Judging by the cue outside the door, there will be no shortage of app developers seeking to utilise Google Glass. The New York Times has already developed an app for Google Glass and the challenge for the company is to engage consumers and brands simultaneously in the build-up to a full public launch. CNN, Facebook and Evernote are also on board at an early stage; with one commentator noting “Twitter works beautifully well with Google Glass”.

Google Glass GDK

The GDK is a work in progress. Google are effectively encouraging app developers to dream up new ideas in order to define the future direction of the GDK. There is also the small issue of the Google Glass app market place. Any flourishing app marketplace requires a fluid means of discovery for potential users. So for those app developers fortunate enough to be a part of the Glass Explorer programme, it’s a case of getting ideas across to Google that could be incorporated into future versions of the GDK.

Google Glass App Development

As with any app development project, Timothy Jordan wants developers to test thoroughly, maintain simplicity and avoid getting in the users way. What exactly does he mean by this final point? Essentially Google Glass users should be able to receive things like notifications, without interrupting the services that Glass provides. At present, app developers creating for Google Glass can think about content deployment, navigation and photos. Things like ‘Google Hangout’ will become extremely prevalent features for users. This enables two-way, real-time video communication between users via Google Glass.

Ultimately Google require ambitious app developers to create software that defines the way in which brands and consumers can engage with the technology. Firstly Google needs to get these tools in the hands of developers in order to stimulate new ideas and innovation around Glass. The unveiling of the GDK will represent another huge shift towards a successful launch for Google Glass.

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