Google Glass Gets HDR Photography & Voice Powered Photo Captions

5th June 2013

So if you are one of the privileged consumers fortunate enough to own a pair of Google Glass, there’s some positive news in store. Google has previously promised to update Glass every month, an intriguing and ambitious proposition for app developers and consumers alike. True to their word, Google has recently released an update for Glass that includes HDR photography capabilities and voice powered photo captioning.

Google Glass

The chances are you’re not one of the lucky people to own a set of Google Glass. Even if you’re equipped with the $1500 required to purchase a developer edition of Google Glass, actually having an opportunity to buy them is something afforded to the elite of silicone valley. Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg or Bono, you’re probably not eligible to join the Google Glass club right now.

So these are two very important photo-centric capabilities now firmly associated with Google Glass. Akin to something from Robocop or a Terminator movie, HDR photography and on-the-fly voice activated photo captions are interesting innovations and perhaps a signal to symbolise where Google see the Glass technology going in the future.

HDR Photography on Google Glass

For those of you unfamiliar with HDR photo technology, it stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’ and is probably a feature of your existing smartphone’s in-built camera capabilities. It may be something you’ve never considered, but HDR mode enables your smartphone (this tech comes as standard in iPhone’s and most Android devices) to take multiple photos in very rapid succession at multiple exposure levels. The clever part is that HDR then combines all of those images and merges them together to create one photo with the optimal level of brightness.

So this is really cool because it means if you’re using Google Glass in an area where lighting sucks, Glass will intelligently acknowledge that and boost the exposure level of your image accordingly. It also means if you’re pointing your Google Glass anywhere near the sun, that your photos won’t look like a complete wash-out.

Voice Activated Google Glass

The update also includes on-the-fly voice activated photo captioning. Whilst this is unlikely to rock your world in a significant manner, it’s still quite cool. This enables you to quickly and easily add context to the images that you capture using Google Glass. So you simply tap to select the appropriate caption, speak your desired caption, confirm your caption and then share it to the world.

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