Voice: The Future of Digital

28th January 2019

Eureka! We used to rummage around for a pen, desperate to write down that fleeting critical thought. Then technology advanced, and we reached for the closest computer. Finding and unlocking the tech, whilst trying to preserve our train of thought. Great ideas fade away, and frantic frustration overpowers inspiration… all because the technology was not convenient to our needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to just speak out loud, and everything else was taken care of?

We’ve been promised that technology for decades, and it’s often resulted in disappointment. Spending hours parroting previously stated sentences, futilely trying to mask your accent, until just giving up and typing it out by hand. It’s not surprising that with so many false-starts, recent technological advancements have left many cautious businesses behind in the dust.

Voice recognition technology has passed the pivotal 95% accuracy rate, surpassing humans in comparative studies. It is now far more convenient to speak to your computer, than to sit down and navigate a labyrinth of on-screen interfaces. A traditional online search query bombards the user with page after page of information – a Voice Search provides a single succinct answer.

Are you ready for the Voice Revolution?

By allowing impulsive and seamless transactions, Voice has became mainstream. It’s widely believed that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be made by Voice. By 2022, annual UK Voice commerce sales are expected to surpass £3.5 billion. Voice technology is the pilot light for the future of marketing. Ready to engage at the user’s convenience, it welcomes you into the digital world.

“We see voice control as the next major development, working harmoniously with wearable technology, bots and artificial intelligence.” – Chris Martin, CEO

A phone in your pocket, a smart watch on your wrist, a computer at home, and your data in the cloud. We are seeing the birth of a new digital ecosystem. A series of interconnected devices, allowing seamless integration of data, and presenting untapped potential for the savvy business.

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