Why Join Waracle?

5th February 2016

Waracle careers – why join Waracle? I’ve been asked this a lot recently and the reason to me is very clear.    I love the fact that at Waracle we’re pushing boundaries within mobile tech – be it an app that from day-one saves  companies thousands by improving internal efficiencies or an incredible new app which is very likely to save lives in the future.  You don’t get bored here!

There’s no getting around the fact that the Mobile App Dev Industry is continuing to surge at a magneto-spheric rate – 2017 sees it being tipped to grow to within the region of $70 billion (DigiCapital). A need to innovate user expectation and demand is leading to some seriously cool projects being brought to the ideation table.

When I first came across Waracle it was a well-known company locally, doing some Web development, toiling with the thought of joining everyone in the games industry, they’d already started working with  the App store and building mobile apps.

Fast forward 5 years and things are definitely changing here at Waracle. The last few years have seen aspirations within the company grow, a new CEO with ambitious growth plans and the original founders still doing a great job building a team to achieve this.   On top of this we’ve just had an equity investment from a company called Exception, a leading UK-based technology consultancy group. They loved what we’re doing and felt it complimented their offerings and vice versa.

So my first 6 weeks have flown by like a whirlwind. Waracle has an eclectic mix of characters (I’ve learnt you get that when you mix Digital Marketers with Developers!) and that certainly means you’re always kept entertained. We have huge on-going projects with global drinks brands, large financial institutions and highly innovative projects in mHealth and wearables. Life is certainly not dull!

Dundee has been previously well known for the 3 J’s and  more recently for world leading games development, and here we are proudly picking up global app development projects as Scotland’s largest and fastest growing app development company.  As we burst out of the current office space we have, the search is on for a new home here in Dundee.

Maybe, 2016 is the year that you decide to see if Waracle could be your new home.

We are always on the lookout for good people, so please make sure that you send your CV across to us and be a part of Waracle careers!

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