Waracle Acquires AR Specialist Company

2nd April 2019

Waracle Acquires AR Specialist Company: The growth of the digital industry moves at lightning speed and Waracle are proud to be making a significant impact in the marketplace, announcing today the acquisition of AR-based augmented reality (AR) company Mozenix. Waracle, part of the Exception Group, are the UK’s leading digital products and emerging technology app development company.

The acquisition of Mozenix reflects the ever-evolving nature of emerging technologies that can be used to drive tangible, lasting value through digital innovation. Having previously invested in Mozenix as a start-up, Waracle have recognised the benefits of having AR as a core offering, along with mobile app development, IoT, voice and machine-based learning.

Though still relatively new outside of the games industry, Waracle along with Mozenix have experienced the power delivered through AR technology across a number of industry sectors, including financial services and oil and gas. Over the last year both teams have delivered the highly innovative and award-winning fintech apps for a number of the UK’s largest banks, asset and process efficiency AR applications with Return To Scene Ltd, part of James Fisher and Sons plc and a number of mobile AR engagement apps for the global music industry in London – all incredibly exciting use cases for AR in industry. In addition, Mozenix has ongoing work with the energy and social care industries.

“Staying at the top of our game means we have to be more than just enthusiasts about new technologies and practices. The Waracle team put their love of technology at the heart of everything they do. Bringing the Mozenix AR expertise into the fold means we can now offer an even more valuable service to our client base. ” states Chris Martin, CEO of Waracle.

Whilst global shipment of AR ‘smart glasses’ or heads up display (HUD) devices are forecast to reach around 5.4 million units by 2020, current growth in the AR market is being predominantly driven by uptake via ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google) enabled smartphones and tablets. The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to about $90 billion by 2020. Revenue from augmented reality is projected to three times as high as that of its fully immersive counterpart Virtual Reality (VR) by 2022.

Mr Martin adds, “until heads up displays (HUD’s) become a mainstream consideration, AR technology belongs in the domain of mobile, where Waracle has an outstanding track record. We’re excited about the ongoing proliferation of AR and leveraging its capabilities to create additional value for new and existing clients”.

Since 2008, Waracle have engaged with UK and international enterprises to plan and execute their digital product strategies. Waracle have continued to expand operations, opening an office in London in 2018, to complement activities Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee – with a growing list of clients across all regions.

Waracle has a rapidly growing team of industry-leading UX designers, scrum-masters, iOS, Android and Hybrid developers, IoT, Voice, AI, QA and now, AR experts. Waracle have also invested in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet Services (Blockchain).

Upcoming AR Event in London

Why your business cant overlook Augmented Reality” event on June 12th, 6pm @ Scotland House for London Tech Week

Waracle are THRILLED to host our latest meet-up, during London Tech Week, covering why your business can’t overlook Augmented Reality (AR). Register now and book your place at what promises to be a hugely insightful and energetic exploration of some industry leading examples of AR in the enterprise.

We have some truly FANTASTIC speakers for your consideration. Joining us on the night will be Return to Scene Ltd (part of the James Fisher Group) Technical Director, Martin MacRae to share his experiences with AR and to explore how the technology has benefited R2S business operations, software delivery and the oil and gas sector.

We will also have a very special guest joining us from The Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banking Group: Technology Consultant, Innovation and New Ways of Working specialist Mr Ed Byrne. Ed will be joining us on the night to talk us through his experience deploying the award winning fintech app ‘B Currency’, which makes it easy for travellers to convert currency in real-time using cutting edge AR technology.

From ARKit to ARCore, HoloLens and SO MUCH MORE – you can be sure to get an in-depth overview of how AR is already impacting a range of industry verticals, from fintech and pharma, to oil and gas and how it can be part of your digital strategy.

We’ll kick off with refreshments and then get right down to business. So, what are you waiting for? Spaces are limited and you don’t want to miss out.

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