Waracle & Exception invest in Wallet.Services Blockchain Technology

29th August 2017

Both Waracle & Exception have invested in Wallet.Services, as we believe blockchain will enable both intra and inter company collaboration, and our combined customer base is starting to explore uses of blockchain.

Chris Martin, CEO, Waracle, says, “We’re excited to be involved and we hope we can help Wallet.Services in expertise and network.”

Wallet.Services announced the conclusion of their successful seed funding round, enlisting a group of tech entrepreneurs and business leaders, to develop the Siccar solution and help accelerate their business success.

Siccar™, applies BlockChain to share data across citizens, government and business to deliver streamlined services whilst enhancing cyber-security. Siccar, old Scots for sure and trusted, was built in close collaboration with Scottish Government’s CivTech® unit.  Siccar™ protects sensitive data across regulated process such as license validation, financial product application, or health data sharing. It allows citizens, business and government to collaborate on sensitive data, simplifying citizens digital life, reducing cost and complexity, and protecting privacy and confidentiality.

At Waracle we’re excited about blockchain because of the implication on fintech, digital health and many areas of IoT.

About Waracle

Waracle, part of Exception, are one of the UK’s largest mobile app development, IoT and digital consulting companies.  Since 2008 Waracle have created some of the most exciting Mobile and IoT apps on the market.

With offices in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, Waracle have a rapidly growing team of industry leading UX designers, scrum-masters, iOS, Android and Hybrid developers, QA and App Store Optimisation experts.   We’ve proven in-depth experience across many industry sectors including; Fintech, Scientific Research, Digital Health, Energy, Transportation and Luxury Goods and have become a trust partner for many of the UK’s largest brands.

Our experience has resulted in a robust engineering process that has agile at it’s core.   We have the flexibility to work with small teams, as part of your own team or scale up for large projects. Waracle’s team have commercially succeeded in creating, developing and launching industry leading software products and bring that knowledge and experience into each customer engagement.

Waracle is regularly cited as an industry leading mobile app and IoT development company from independent research companies including Clutch, AppIndex and Carnival.   Waracle are also an IBM Watson IoT Partner.


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