Waracle and Exception ltd., what it all means.

12th January 2016

Exception Ltd – we asked Chris Martin, Waracle’s CEO if he would share with us his thoughts on the Exception and Waracle partnership –  here are his thoughts.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Exception – it’s exciting for us, and hopefully for them also.

What it means for Waracle – Exception has a wealth of experience scaling a services business.  At Waracle we’ve been very focused on our customer work and we know that in some ways we have skimped on the back office.  The mobile apps industry is tipped to grow to over $70 billion by 2017 (DigiCapital) and though the industry is still quite young Waracle is already seeing this super high growth.  Exception Ltd will help us grow our experience and capability.

What it means for our customers – Exception Ltd offer other services that Waracle doesn’t e.g. Programme Delivery and Managed Services, Technology Consulting, Enterprise Architecture and Software Testing Services and these are likely to be useful in and around  the work we do for our customers.  In addition, the investment will mean that we can invest in extra staff and increase our capability, skills and experience for our customers and projects.

What it means for Waracle’s staff – Our developers and digital marketing folks are turned on by interesting and challenging projects.  We envisage that there will be more projects and more staff joining our team here in Dundee and quite probably expanding our operations in Edinburgh and Glasgow and possibly in England.  We have a strong commitment at Waracle to give our staff wide and varied opportunities and we see the partnership as a way of us really being able to do more of this, including areas we haven’t been able to focus on like cross training and cool internal projects.

What it means for Dundee – We are a Dundee company, however we already have people working for us across Scotland and the UK; we’ve even some in Europe.  I’m immensely proud that these folks are working on world leading technology projects and I’m really proud that we can do this from Dundee.  It’s really amazing innovation and I’m certain that Dundee has a mash up which is highly unique and difficult to copy – we’re close to two great Universities that have a committed focus to  software, Dundee produces world class game engineers and Dundee is known the world over for its breakthroughs in the medical  and biotech arena’s.  I think there is something unique which can happen here and we aim to be right at the epicentre of that.

When I first joined Waracle it was a young ‘start-up’, infinitely creative and innovative, always very modern in its thinking, but lacking some of the discipline, focus and gnarliness that comes with more experience.  In just over two years we’ve experienced fantastic growth and we’ve changed.  We’ve learnt a lot and grown up a little, the team at Waracle are still bursting with enthusiasm, incredibly innovative but now very aware of what works, what doesn’t and they all have a real understanding what matters to our customers.

I wanted to pay a tribute to the guys and girls who have been working at Waracle both prior to me being involved and during my involvement. This team has always done really amazing innovative work and you’ve made this happen!

Personally,  I’m excited and can’t wait for the next chapter.

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