Top 5 mobile tech trends for 2014

10th December 2013


Today we’re exploring the top 5 mobile tech trends for 2014. Juniper Research has recently published it’s top tech trends for 2014. If what they’re saying comes to fruition next year, we can expect our cities and household appliances to become more intelligent through mobile and the rollout of 4G LTE technologies. Meanwhile the currency we use and how we manage our finances will increasingly shift towards digital and the mobile web. Wearable technology including smart watches are set to really take off and we’ll have the opportunity to create 3D printed objects at home. Here are the top 5 mobile tech trends of 2014 to look out for:

1. NFC and smarter cities

In 2014 people will increasingly use their smartphones to interact with the world around them. NFC (near field communication) is a set of standards for mobile devices to connect to other hardware devices and systems. For instance, supermarket checkouts equipped with NFC technology will enable you to scan your payment at the point of sale using your smartphone. These technologies are making our cities smarter as NFC hotspots and smartphones connect our transportation networks, household lighting, healthcare and health and fitness activities.

2. The rise of mobile currency

Bitcoin has experienced an incredible year in 2013 and 2014 is expected to see a continued rise in the adoption of mobile wallets and money. Mobile money enables banks and financial institutions to develop mobile wallets to enable their customers to bank on the move in a safe and secure environment. As mobile continues to grow at an astounding rate in developing nations such as Africa, Brazil, India, Russia and China, these types of technologies are becoming increasingly ingrained in peoples day-to-day activities. This will create enormous demand for mobile advertising services and technologies and brands and businesses seek to intelligently target new and existing customers through smartphones and tablets.

3. The proliferation of wearable technology

In 2013 Samsung released a smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear was critically panned with equally poor sales. It seems Samsung can make successful products by copying Apple, rather than leading the market with new technology of their own. There have been endless rumours to suggest that Apple will released the much hyped Apple Watch in 2014. Juniper has forecasted that 2014 will represent a ‘watershed’ year for wearable technology. However as wearable tech becomes increasingly prevalent, so to will privacy concerns over people using wearable technology in public.  2014 will be remembered as the year that wearable tech proliferated the main stream.

4. Tablets sales will grow exponentially

This year tablets are projected to overtake sales of desktop PC’s. Tablets are also becoming an increasingly important and affordable choice within the context of education. Juniper predicts that the tablet will overtake traditional classroom mediums such as desktop PC’s and jotters. The objective is to use technology and particularly tablets to provide students with a rich and immersive educational experience and to achieve OLPC (one laptop per child). In 2014 Juniper projects that 271 million tablets will be sold throughout the world.

5. 4G will be rolled out aggressively

Juniper predicts that LTE (Long Term Evolution) will be rolled out at an increasing rate. Analysts suggest that with the roll-out of 4G, mobile users will be able to access the web faster than using their domestic home broadband connections. Offering incredible speeds of up to 100 mbps download speeds, 4G has recently been rolled out in our home town of Dundee. As mobile users increasingly consume vast amounts of HD streaming video, 4G will make content more accessible and readily available faster.

2014 is destined to be another huge year for mobile as brands and businesses increasingly realise its importance in business. Enterprise mobility, app development and marketing will become a core focus for marketing/brand managers, IT experts, software development managers and entrepreneurs. If your business or brand is seeking to enter the world of mobile for the first time, or mobilise an existing desktop UI, contact our team today via the form.


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