Top 3 enterprise mobility trends 2015

23rd January 2015

Mobile devices are essential for businesses to communicate. They’re tools for collaboration and sharing. Smartphones and tablets have become miniature supercomputers your staff use to perform tasks both at home and in the office. When combined with super-fast broadband, connectivity and cloud services, they become indispensable business tools for the modern CIO. The opportunities for big companies within the mobile space are huge – but you need to be quick off the mark.

If you’re an enterprise CIO, developing a mobility initiative in 2015 can be extremely challenging. You need to carefully weigh up the benefits of using an in-house mobile development team versus outsourcing mobile capacity to an external agency. One thing is certain – demand for mobile-first expertise and thinking has never been greater. But demand for mobile capability is rapidly outgrowing the supply of qualified and talented mobile expertise.

If you don’t already have a mobility strategy in 2015 you need to develop something fast and you need to establish how to get your mobile tech to market quickly. It’s fundamental you move fast to develop something and focus on tweaking and optimisation work once the app is live. But hiring a team of mobile developers can be time consuming and there are no guarantees you’ll be able to get your developers up to speed in the required timescale. Another option is to retrain existing developers to work on mobile projects. Again this can be highly challenging as the skills required to develop for mobile are vastly different from those required to execute high performance mobile apps.

Here are the top three enterprise mobility trends to watch out for in 2015:

1.) App developers will shift towards enterprise

App developers have realised that creating the next Candy Crush is extremely difficult and that the risks associated with developing consumer facing apps are enormous. Enterprise mobility is a different beast. Your business faces a growing demand for mobile first thinking and expertise. Demand for mobility within large companies has never been greater and the time to act is now. If you haven’t already embarked upon a mobility initiative the time to start is yesterday. If you have already developed a mobile product you should consider further investment. You should consider finding a reputable and experienced agency who can help taper mobile first expertise into your company. Chances are your competitors have already discovered an outlet for excess mobile capability and the ramifications of failing to act could be severe.

2.) Large companies will spend big on mobile

Enterprise mobility is driving massive expenditure within large corporations. If your enterprise is entrenched in outdated and cumbersome legacy technologies, it’s time to start thinking about your mobile strategy. Many existing applications and technologies are already connected to enterprise databases and the challenge in 2015 is to mobilise these existing platforms. As enterprise moves away from legacy technology towards the mobile cloud, this will drive some of the largest corporate IT expenditure ever witnessed. If you’re serious about enterprise mobility you’re going to have to spend big to stay inline with your competitors.

3.) Context-aware apps will be huge  

In 2015 context aware apps will become big business. If you’re company is developing a mobility initiative you need to think carefully about giving the consumer what they want at the precise point in time when they want it. Apps should consider the previous behaviour of the user, their location, time of day and provide recommendations accordingly. Imagine an app that uses weather data such as temperature and rainfall to tailor related products and services within the moment. By factoring together all of this date, marketers and enterprise app developers can create compelling and contextually aware app experiences for consumers.

If you’re working in enterprise software development or IT and have a demand for mobile expertise, Waracle can help get you up to speed quickly. We’re experts when it comes to dealing with large companies who are seeking to enter the highly lucrative and rapidly growing realm of mobile apps and software. We’ve worked with some of the worlds largest companies (Virgin Atlantic, Jones Lang LaSalle, Imperial College London to name but a few) to design, develop and optimise high performance enterprise applications. Contact us today to start the conversation.


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