The Apple iWatch V’s Google Glass

18th March 2013

The battle between Apple and Google is reaching competitive fever pitch. Today we’re exploring two of the most hotly anticipated new pieces of tech in 2013 – the Apple iWatch and Google Glass. Both of these highly anticipated gadgets take us a step forward to ‘ubiquitous computing’, the idea that ultimately the Internet and computers in general will be accessible anywhere, at any time and without having to use your hands.


Rumoured for launch before the end of 2013, Google Glass, or just ‘Glass’ as it’s known, is an augmented reality wearable computer with a head-mounted-display (HMD). Augmented Reality, for those unfamiliar, provides a live view of a physical real-world environment whose elements can be overlayed with graphics, text, GPS data, sound and video. Google’s idea is to provide augmented reality functionality through a pair of glasses. So imagine the format of your smartphone, but presented on the inside layer of your favorite pair of shades. The technology will work with voice commands, so you can say ‘record what I see’ and the glasses record everything you view through the glasses.

If you’re currently rocking a Google Android handset, you’ll already be familiar with the operating system Google Glass will eventually use. This is also very handy for Google Glass developers who are already imagining the next generation of apps for this exciting new platform. Seemingly Google are already trying to partner with companies like Rayban in the UK and USA in an attempt to make you feel cool when you wear it. Google are fantastic innovators but perhaps lack the aesthetic appeal of Apple products. So how does the iWatch stack up to Google Glass?


The iWatch is a ‘smartwatch’ currently being developed by Apple in the USA. The iWatch is rumoured to be flexible and capable of being shaped to the individual human wrist. Remember the snap bracelet craze in the 80’s anyone? Last month it was rumoured that there are a team of 100 Apple employees including senior executives are currently working on the iWatch. This would lead us to believe that this is an idea that has transcended the conceptual phase of the project. This is something that is actually going to happen. The iWatch would connect to the users iPhone and enable functions like Siri for voice automated commands and would run on iOS. This again is interesting for iWatch developers seeking to adopt the new platform.

Both companies are locked in a bitter battle of ongoing innovation and engineering, but it’s Google who seem to be consistently pushing the boundaries. In 2007, the iPhone seemed revolutionary. Since then Apple has iterated around the product by creating things like iPad and iPad mini, but has not really pushed the envelope in new markets. Many analysts expected to see Apple move heavily into the smart tv market in an attempt to stay at the bleeding edge of the innovation curve.

Google are also developing a driverless car. How cool is that? The Google driverless car and the glasses both seem like revolutionary ideas that are pushing technological boundaries. Apple customers but their products on the basis they provide them with a feeling of inner self worth because they’re deemed to be highly innovative products. In fact, people buy Apple on the basis it is the most innovative company to buy from. So losing the race to be perceived as innovative could be a huge blow to Apple. So far in the innovation stakes, Google seems to be edging ahead.

Whoever wins the race, this can only mean one thing for app developers – the next evolution in mobile. Assuming the market reacts to these wearable innovations, there will be a plethora of opportunities for Google Glass developers and iWatch development companies all over the world. If you’re based in the UK and have an idea to develop apps for iWatch or Google Glass, contact us today for more details on how and when you can expect to start your project.

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