Sunday Times Cloud Supplement 2016 and Agile Mobile Development

10th March 2016

‘Cloud for Business’

This years 8-page special report includes comments from Waracle’s Chris Martin on why Agile works well in a mobile development environment.   A focused Agile approach complemented by a number of key management tools means that Waracle collaborates daily with customers on their app requirements, and vice versa.   While we are on-site for a number of customers many are managed remotely and as Chris says “we find collaborating like this leads to much better apps, better results for the customer and better resourcing planning for us”.

The supplement covers a wide range of cloud topics including;

  • Benefits of cloud services deployment
  • Reports on how cloud is transforming the professional services sector
  • Predictions on cloud spend for 2016
  • Examples of how cloud is helping to deliver better customer experiences
  • Analysis of the decrease in security concerns surrounding cloud

Download a full copy of The Sunday Times Cloud Supplement here.

Read about Waracle using Agile in practice with Workplace Systems here.

Agile isn’t an add-on, a ‘why not?,’ or, ‘I guess we should’. At Waracle, Agile is our compass, and it can be yours too – defining success, aligning teams across continents, and arming everyone with a shared vocabulary to create the remarkable. Agile is the starting point for success, because the quicker you make the jump from ideas and theories, to the place where we can build and learn from, the quicker you can get to the place that looks and feels like ‘success’ – innovating fast, seeing results even faster, and reaping the rewards of that competitive advantage.

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