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Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards app, as made by Waracle

21st June 2013

The Scottish Album of the Year Award took place last night, with RM Hubbert winning the final prize for his album 13 Lost & Found. Whilst the event may not be as big as the Grammys or Baftas, it is an important one for the Scottish music scene because it is a chance for up and coming artists to compete and show themselves to the wider world.

SAY Awards

We at Waracle had the honour of coming back for another year of making the mobile app that goes along with the SAY Awards, and, not to blow our own trumpet, but it’s a nifty piece of kit. It lets you navigate the different categories of the awards, listen to the selected “Album of the Week” in the lead up to the Awards and you can also stream a track from each of the selected albums to check out the sounds that are up for the competition.

The SAY Award App

It also allows you to watch “SAY TV”, which is a collection of music videos from the artists nominated should you want to further explore the music and, most importantly, it lets you vote on which albums you think should be taken from the long list of 20, to the short list of 10. The voting done on the app and on the website is how the choices are narrowed down and have a direct impact on the whole process; it’s definitely a source of pride for Waracle to have made something that can help support the musical arts scene in Scotland.

So congratulations to RM Hubbard and we hope to see you all at the same time next year!

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