Q & A With Our New Graduate Lee

14th October 2020

We recently caught up with our new graduate Lee to see how he’s settling in and find out more about his experience coming into the job market as a graduate in 2020.

Tell us a bit about yourself…..

Hi, my name’s Lee. I’m 26 and stay in Edinburgh. I recently graduated from a marketing masters at Heriot Watt and have worked in a few marketing roles and sectors. I started at Waracle in August and have been loving it so far! Outside of work, I’m really into music and co-founded an online music label and events brand. Other interests are technology, consumer psychology, good coffee, reading, photography and the gym.

What do you do at Waracle?

I’m a Digital Analyst in the Marketing team. The role itself has reasonably wide scope, which is how I like it! In a day I can be doing anything from digital advertising, copywriting, competitor analysis, working up prospecting lists with sales or researching the latest trends in technology.

What does your workspace look like?

I actually upgraded my desk space from the kitchen table recently as it looks like we might be in this for the long haul……..Macbook, little bit of greenery, wireless keyboard & mouse, books, lighting and coffee.

What do you enjoy most about your new role?

Firstly, it’s the variety. I like to be involved in lots of different things so this is perfect for me. Secondly, coming from less of a tech background it’s been fascinating to learn about the ways in which technology is adjusting how we live, work and play. As well as the innovative ways Waracle are leveraging it for our visionary clients. 

What’s your go-to piece of tech?

Ohh tough one. Not necessarily a new bit of tech, but the PS4 has been a lifesaver over these lockdown months. Staying in touch with mates and Warzone! Other than that, my Google Nest is pretty nifty for remembering everything I’ve got on and controlling my room.

What’s your favourite mobile app?

Hmm. My favourite at the moment is The Waking Up app. I started using it at the beginning of the year and mindfulness is definitely something which I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. It’s helped a lot with feeling less stressed and being more productive.

How have you found it starting with a new company remotely?

Funnily enough, that was my main concern about starting a new role during the pandemic. However, it’s actually been one of the smoothest onboardings I’ve ever had! It probably helps that Waracle are pros at it… However, it’s definitely helped having such a great and welcoming team and that family feel you get at Waracle. It’s made the transition so smooth.

What advice would you give to graduates considering a career in Marketing?

Probably not unique advice, but get experience! Any way you can. Internships, part-time roles, creating an Insta for a pet, it all helps. If you’ve got an entrepreneurial flair, I’d suggest trying to have a go at turning something you’re passionate about into a side bit and marketing it yourself. Employers seem to value this, in my experience.

Any top tips for graduates applying for roles?

Job hunts are never easy and it’s a really competitive job market at the moment. However, if you’ve got your heart set on a graduate role I would say:

  • Start your job hunt nice and early, like 3rd year early. Look for internships. Most friends I know that got a graduate job either did an internship for the business then applied for their programme or they had done one for another company. The experience gains you lots of new skills, you make good connections and you can also see if the role is what you thought it would be.
  • It can be tempting to cast the net really wide and apply for every graduate role you see to maximise your chances. However, I would say less is more. Really take the time to research the companies. Connect with people on LinkedIn. Email recruitment for advice and key dates. Read about the full process and see if there are any tests you need to brush up on. It definitely ensures you stand out from others at the later stages.
  • Finally, I’d say although a graduate role seems like the right route out of university, there are tonnes of other ways to get to where you want to be in 5 years. I personally took quite a few years after leaving my first degree to figure out what it was I wanted to do. So try and be open to lots of paths, they all have value.

Where do you see yourself over the next few years?

Things are changing so quickly just now so it’s hard to say! However, I’m really enjoying agency side marketing. Similarly, I’m finding the tech sector so interesting. I’m aiming to still be in this space, progressing into more responsibilities.

To find out more about opportunities at Waracle, visit our Careers Page.


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