October news from Waracle

5th November 2014

Warmest Autumnal greetings and welcome to October news from Waracle!

‘Tis nearly Winterfell, but there’s plenty happening here at Waracle HQ to keep us on our toes and hence the cold at bay. Join us on a jaunt through what’s tickled our fancies over the past few weeks…and if you’re tickled too, call us!

October musings:

“One thing that I really love is seeing Dundee folks take on the world – in Waracle and in other Dundee firms. We’ve been developing apps at Waracle since 2007 and have worked with a lot of creative software peeps that are bursting with ideas and fired up by like-minded folks from this great city. Back then we were lucky (and to be honest, we still are)…we were on the scene early and we quickly put together an amazing team of skilled developers, full of nouse and quick at creating outstanding mobile apps. Innovation has been at the core of Dundee’s emergence as the place to be if you’re an aspiring developer (or company) with big ideas. And I love chatting to people with big ideas and energy. It rubs off on everybody.”

Mobile Marketing News:

“As wearables go, we love Apple Watch here…the more we think about this piece of kit, the more we think about the BIG opportunities for marketers to get creative with its functionality. The bottom line? Brands now need to start thinking about not only the development of iPhone and Android apps, but now a smartwatch app as well – and it’s a completely different beast to its forerunners. The screen is smaller; it’s more suited to image than video (for now!) and short, simple content delivery will be the name of the game. That’s just skimming the surface. Geo-fencing, NFC functionality, brands which ‘reward’ you for your 2hr workout at the gym (logged by your fitness app)…these opportunities are like a modern-day gold-rush – and just like the first one it’s those to arrive first that’ll reap the benefits.”

Waracle’s been doing mobile first software and marketing for 7 years and works with some of UK’s biggest companies, helping them build momentum in mobile software and business.

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