Modern Working must be Flexible and Family Friendly

20th March 2019

Waracle are delighted to be shortlisted in the “best early adopter” category for the Family Friendly Working Scotland 2019 award!  We’re amongst a fantastic group of companies who clearly share our own drive to continually improve the working environment.

Family Friendly Working Scotland

Family Friendly Working Scotland works with employers, government, families and others to promote a flexible and family-friendly working culture. This is a way of working which delivers business success enabling working families to have a good balance between work and family life.

Spanning boundaries between private, public and third sectors, they offer practical support and share best practices with employers. They also raise awareness of the issues and benefits of flexible, family-friendly working.

Acting as a nucleus, FFWS promotes innovative and sustainable ways of working that are good for families and the Scottish economy.

Family Friendly Working Scotland is a dynamic social start-up based in Glasgow. They are part of the Working Families charity group and receive core funding and support from The Scottish Government.

FFWS at Waracle

While we like to think of our Waracle colleagues as our family, it’s very important to us that our staff are able to work around their families at home. Last year we had seven babies born to Waracle staff and we’re proud to say that we now include 1 week of paternity fully paid and 1 month fully paid maternity leave into our permanent contracts. It’s clear to see the benefits of a little give and take; we’re of course thrilled to be recognised, but it’s how we operate. So we’re not only about family flexibility but have flexi-time for all staff, which of course means parents and carers can pick the kids up from school, go to school plays, and work from home when their kids are sick.

And it’s not just us saying that; some of our parents have written up their parenting stories from their time at Waracle.


Waracle Stories

Naomi – Project Manager

I’m a project manager for Waracle, with team members spread across multiple work locations. I work from home 4 days a week. It allows me the flexibility to be at home when my children finish school or if they are unwell, and to be able to fit in vital daytime appointments for them where necessary.

Project Manager - Bike Ride

Rob – Lead Developer

I’m the dad of three with a typically busy family life. As far back as I can remember, we’ve always had a busy morning schedule between school runs, my wife’s shifts, and my 3-hour commute. To ease things up, I made changes and started working flexibly a few years ago. This worked really well for us, I love what I do and better hours made a big difference to my family.

I’ve been a software development lead full time with Waracle for over 4 years now, a role which is heavily focused around collaborating with internal colleagues and external clients. Waracle believed heavily in remote working from the start and naturally, this fitted the balance really well. Through Waracle’s support for flexible working, this has reduced the stress of a modern lifestyle, allowing both my Wife and myself to enjoy our careers without sacrificing what’s important, boosted productivity and motivation and has allowed the family to see more of each other (especially the kids as they grow up!).

Flexible and Family Friendly - Family outing

Rob & Family

Emma – Senior QA

“I went for my interview at Waracle when my youngest was 3 months old. Waracle waited for me to finish my maternity leave and were very supportive”.

Flexible and Family Friendly - Kids laughing

Flexible and Family Friendly

Matt – iOS Developer

The birth of my second child coincided with the start of a very important project with a new client and being that I was the project manager as you can imagine this was a very stressful period of time. My direct manager was very helpful and made sure that I was not overloaded and was on hand to help if I need to look after my wife in the run-up to the birth. I was given total space during my paternity leave and was very much supported on my return. Having worked for many different companies over the years it is a breath of fresh air to work for one that cares about the well-being not just of their staff but also their staff’s family as well.

Flexible and Family Friendly

Matt & Family

Clare – Office Manager

“Waracle gives me the flexibility to be there for those once in a lifetime moments like school plays. I really treasure these times, because they don’t stay small forever”.

Flexible and Family Friendly - kids laughing

Clare’s Family

Stuart – DevOps Engineer

“Working at Waracle means I always get home in time for bedtime stories”.

Flexible and Family Friendly - Family photo

Stuart & Family

Modern Working

Being a parent, carer or just generally a busy person requires balance. It’s no surprise that according to our 2018 staff survey, 75% of our staff seriously valued being able to have a work-life balance and the ability to work flexibly. Waracle’s aim is to continually find ways of helping our staff achieve all their own goals and provide an environment that is as family friendly as possible to ensure we can keep our excellent staff, and encourage more excellent people to join us. Thanks for the recognition Family Friendly Working Scotland.

If you’d like to find out more about Waracle, and potentially join us, head over to our careers page to check out our current vacancies.

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