Mobile: The Ultimate Megatrend

7th February 2014

Mobile is the ultimate megatrend. Apps and commerce are transforming the way we do business. There are recent cases where businesses fail to adapt fast enough (Blackberry!). The outcome for these companies is not good because they failed to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Mobile has already overtaken desktop PC’s in terms of sales. In the next year, sales of tablets alone will overtake sales of desktop PC’s.

“It took Radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, Instagram took 6 months and Angry Birds 35 days”


This is only just the beginning of the mobile explosion. The quantity of global Internet mobile device shipments is set to increase exponentially in the next 3 years. The time to act for your business is now. But what can your business actually do in order to respond the revolution?

If you’re a CEO, touch-first thinking needs to be enshrined throughout your company. Software development managers need to explore touch-first UI. Brand and marketing managers need to find innovative ways of engaging users through apps, search and advertising. IT managers must understand the importance of enterprise mobility, MAM (mobile app management), MDM (mobile device management) and MIM (mobile information management). For entrepreneurs there’s an opportunity to develop the next big thing (just look at the success of Flappy Birds…).

“Your business needs to skate where the puck is going (mobile), not where the puck has been”

 Chris Martin, CEO, Waracle

Waracle is Scotland’s longest standing software & mobile marketing agency.  100% committed, and ‘tooled up’ for ‘mobile-first’ software & marketing, as opposed to others ‘anchored’ in the old way – desktop. We’re doing mobile apps & marketing for some of UK’s biggest organisations, e.g.: Imperial College London, the NHS and Highland Park. To keep in front of the pack by “Thinking Mobile First” please contact us today.

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