Mobile App Development Market Set To Be Worth $27 Billion In 2013

9th July 2013

ABI Research has recently published reports suggesting that the market for mobile apps is set to be worth $27 billion in 2013, largely driven by growth in tablet revenue. The report suggests that mobile app development continues to be the key driver in the battle between iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems. Blackberry and Windows lag significantly behind the two main competitors, but are making steps to augment their offering and compete more effectively. We want to take a look at the market and some of the ways businesses and brands can develop mobile monetisation strategies through the App Store.

2013 iOS App Sales

In 2013, sales of iOS related apps (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini etc) are anticipated to create two thirds of all sales for smartphone and tablet apps. The data clearly indicates that iPhone and iPad continue to dominate the market in terms of revenue generation. Despite the fact Google Android recently overtook Apple in terms of market share by device, it’s the iPhone and iPad driving sales of tablet and smartphone apps. Users of iPhone and iPad are continuing to demonstrate that they’re prepared to spend more money on apps than users of Google Android devices. This trend is unlikely to change in the next 18 months as Apple continues to post impressive sales of apps developed for tablets and smartphones.

In 2013 iOS will still dominate App Revenue

This makes interesting reading for businesses and brands seeking to develop apps for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Whilst Android can offer great potential in terms of volume, engagement and building awareness of your brand, it’s iOS that dominates when it comes to revenue. This will prove to be a pivotal factor as businesses and large enterprise shift from desktop to mobile. If you’re looking to generate revenue through mobile app development, it’s important to understand the increasing shift towards tablet apps particularly iPad and iOS in general.

Tablet App Sales Catching up with Smart Phone App Sales

The sales data also suggests an interesting relationship between revenue generated by smartphones and tablet devices. To date, sales of smartphone apps have been enormous in comparison to revenue generated by tablet apps. However the figures indicate that tablets are quickly catching up with their smartphone counterparts. Bigger screen sizes on tablet devices such as iPad enable app developers to create richer and more engaging experiences when creating apps and games.

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app for either iPhone, iPad or google Android, it’s worth considering the options for generating revenue. The findings of the report include revenue generated from the purchase price of each app downloaded, subscription packages, in-app advertising and IAP’s (in-app-purchases). Here at Waracle we’re committed to enabling our customers to generate new and lucrative revenue streams through mobile app development, contact us today for a free consultation.

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