iPhone 6 Rumours

22nd May 2013

The world of mobile is growing rapidly. As we make the transition away from using traditional desktop focused applications, consumers are demanding more from their mobile devices. Have you ever wished you could type faster using your iPhone? If so, this concept video for the rumoured iPhone 6 may be of interest. The Internet mockup video displays the iPhone 6 set flat out on it’s surface that’s capable of projecting a Mac desktop from one end of the device and a Mac keyboard from the other.

iPhone 6 Future Design

The video has been created by an iPhone enthusiast and published via YouTube. The device itself, looks similar to the iPhone 5 but with a few fundamental differences. The video displays the iPhone 6 working almost like a Transformer, whereby it morphs into a different shape by snapping off either end of the device to create a stand for the projector. It has long been suggested that HD projectors will become a prominent feature when the next wave of smartphones are launched. This type of functionality helps to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile, by enabling mobile users to experience features like a Mac desktop and keyboard projection, more commonly associated with traditional computing behavioural patterns.

iPhone 6 Announcement Coming

So whilst the video looks convincing, this is effectively a pipe dream created by a talented designer. In terms of the real deal, Apple are not expected to make an announcement surrounding the much anticipated iPhone 6 until the next WWDC which will take place in June. This is not the only iPhone 6 concept design that’s been created by fans of the device, rather than being developed officially by Apple. There has also been numerous rumours surrounding the launch of a transparent design for iPhone 6.

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