Facebook Now Has 751 Million Active Mobile Users

2nd May 2013

Facebook Now Has 751 Million Active Mobile Users! If you’re a UK based business, making the transition from desktop to mobile app development can be complex and daunting and these numbers have serious ramifications. The more established you are within desktop design and processes, the harder it’ll become to adapt to a world that is becoming increasingly mobile. One gargantuan example is Facebook. The company originally came to prominence in an era when desktop was the norm, iPhone was yet to proliferate the mainstream and users were becoming familiarised within the context of the desktop experience. More importantly, Facebook’s developers had a means of monetising users through clicking ads that appear via your desktop PC. But how have Facebook’s team of developers managed the transition to mobile?

Facebook: now a mobile company

Mark Zuckerberg has now exclaimed that Facebook has ‘become a mobile company’. This looks great for investors and the validity of his statement is backed up by recent financial reports. Facebook still feels inherently desktop oriented. Monetising ads within the mobile app has always been a challenge for Facebook’s app developers. When the Facebook app for mobile was initially launched, Facebook’s developers did not include ads. Perhaps pre-IPO the company were still largely focused on creating a fluid, ad-free user experience for mobile. Fast forward to a world post Facebook IPO and investors are demanding ads in mobile to generate revenue capable of fulfilling overly inflated financial projections and the swollen expectations of VC’s and early stage buyers. The data seems to prove this was a wise move and the investors were correct.

Facebook on mobile

Facebook has never had a problem engaging users with mobile. Personally I think the Facebook experience works really well on mobile – without the ads. I’ve actually deleted the app from my iPhone as it was taking over my life and distracting me from the new series of Mad Men. In fairness, the claims of being a mobile company have been substantiated through it’s latest earnings report. Facebook now has 751 million users on mobile. This is a staggering 54% increase on this time last year. Overall throughout the quarter on desktop and mobile, Facebook had 1.1 billion active monthly users (AMU’s). What’s even more encouraging for Facebook investors is that the company now generates $1.25 billion in ad revenue – 30% ($375 million) of which is generated through mobile. In previous quarters, mobile ad revenue accounted for approx 23% of total ad income.

Facebook App Development

Are you a business seeking to develop a game or an app for Facebook? Have you ever clicked on a Facebook ad via mobile? If you’re a business seeking to develop an app for Facebook, or simply an educated app user with an opinion to share, we want to hear from you. Leave your comments below or contact us directly via the form.

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