Mobile App Developers Scotland | Launching Referend-um September 18th 2013

9th September 2013

Who is behind the project?

The app is being designed and developed by Waracle, based in Dundee in sunny Scotland. We’re mobile app developers who believe that technology and politics are a match made in heaven. We understand the challenges political groups experience in terms of declining voter numbers and engaging young people in politics. Developing a mobile app for the Scottish referendum in 2014 seemed like an obvious solution. This mobile app is for the people of Scotland and best of all it’s completely free for everyone to take part.


What is Referend-um?

The Referend-um mobile app is set for launch in Scotland on 18th September 2013 – exactly 365 days prior to the main event. Referend-um is an interactive voting app that you can download straight to your mobile device. Discreetly and privately cast your vote using the unique ‘yes/no’ slider mechanism. Then you can view all the results and live, real-time data and analytics. After you’ve viewed the results you can share them with your friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter. We’re working hard to make the app available asap for Android and alternative mobile platforms. Lot’s of people have been asking about this!

Is the app biased to one side?

Absolutely not. We’re mobile app developers and we leave the politics to the politicians. The app is totally unbiased and impartial. We wanted to use our skills and experience in developing mobile app technology to help engage people in the political process. The app is designed to create a neutral platform for people who are interested in the referendum to privately vote, view and share live, real-time results using a mobile app.

How do I get the app?

We’re planning a big launch on September 18th 2013 – exactly 365 days prior to the main event. On the day the mobile app will be available to download via iOS. This means if you own an iPhone or iPad you can download the app on the day. We’ll be launching a brand new, mobile responsive website on the 18th and we’ll also be keeping you updated as always via Twitter, facebook and Youtube.

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