Marketing and Sales Internship at Waracle

13th September 2018

Waracle’s 2018 Marketing & Sales Intern joined the Dundee team at the beginning of the Summer and it’s been a busy time for Daniela Hernandez as she’s helped the Marketing and Sales team grow their digital marketing and mobile marketing activities. As it’s nearing the end of the internship, Caroline McClelland, Marketing Manager, asks Dani about her time at Waracle….

Dani, firstly, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Mexico City and I moved to Stirling with my family when I was 11, so I have lived more than half of my life in Scotland (no brownie points for guessing how old I am…). I moved to Dundee 4 years ago to study at the University of Dundee, and I graduated this Summer with a Law degree in Scots and English law.

What attracted you to the internship at Waracle?

I really wanted to get involved in the digital tech industry. It’s a massive industry that keeps growing, so there are many opportunities to take your career in different paths. I was also incredibly keen to be able to work in Waracle because of how well-known they are in the UK, the various interesting mobile projects that they have worked on, and the big brand clients they have developed digital products for. As a recent graduate, I was also attracted by the many personal development opportunities that Waracle provides. As someone who loves to learn new things every chance I get, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to expand my horizons and get a taste of different departments and areas of the company before kick-starting my career.

What’s a typical day been like?

My day starts with a daily catch up meeting with our Marketing Manager, Caroline, to go over our Marketing Trello board and to prioritise what needs to be done on the day. Caroline then spends some time showing me new things on Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and the phrase “you learn something new every day” couldn’t be more real during this.

I then tend to do some social media post scheduling for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to promote any upcoming tech meetups we have planned and any current vacancies. A typical morning for me also involves the daily maintenance of Google AdWords to make sure we’re getting good quality searches for the Waracle website.

In the afternoons, I tend to work on sales leads and conduct research to find out what some of our possible business prospects are up to with regards to digital transformation. And just before the day ends, I join the HR and Recruitment team to help plan any internal events for staff, work on Recruitment marketing and help out with some administrative jobs.

What’s been the highlight of your internship?

I’ve really enjoyed managing Waracle’s Google AdWords. It’s allowed me to develop my digital marketing skills, and to truly appreciate the effect digital marketing can have on a company’s marketing strategy and their growth. It’s also been great to be mentored through the process, from being shown how Google Ads works to being trusted to do it on my own without supervision. It reduced the daunting feeling of being given such a responsibility.

I was also given the project to create a newsletter for staff, and it was a great opportunity for me to get my creative juices flowing. I went all out and used funny GIFs and quirky content, and it seemed to go down well, people were happy to get something new and fun in their inbox.

What results have you seen from your activity?

We have seen more engagement on social media, especially with Facebook and LinkedIn. This has been especially good for the Recruitment department, as an increasing number of people have applied for jobs with Waracle through social media. The impressions and clicks for PPC ads have also increased, and the number of irrelevant searches has been reduced.

Did you attend any of Waracle’s Brown bag sessions?

I attended about 5-7 brownbag sessions, and they were all great! They all provided an opportunity to learn about something I had little to no knowledge on – from Project Management and automation, to the ICO’s investigation of Facebook/Cambridge Analytica. The variety of topics was great, and they were also a chance to get to know the members of staff presenting their topics, and to find out more about what they do in their chosen career and personal lives.

What other fun things happened during your internship?

There were Last Friday get togethers in the office once a month, and I probably ate my body weight in pizza and chocolate brownies. During these, our CEO gave us updates on the company, told us about any new client projects, and explained future plans. It was interesting to hear how the various departments, and their individuals, contribute to each project and to the development and flourishment of Waracle, and for people’s work to be acknowledged. I also got to mix with the other departments in the company – the QA team and the developers are a great laugh!

It was also great to join the Partners Marketing Meetings and meet other Marketing Managers. Waracle, is part of the Exception Group, are the UK’s leading digital solutions specialist.  In addition to an investment in Mozenix (Augmented Reality), Waracle also have investment in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet.Services (Blockchain). I enjoyed learning more about their emerging technology solutions.

How would you describe the Dundee team at Waracle?

It’s like a big melting pot with a big dash of knowledge and jokes! There’s lots of personalities mixed together, and you can always count on having an intellectual conversation or a wee laugh with someone while you’re getting your morning coffee.

Did you have a chance to visit any of the other Waracle offices?

I visited the Glasgow office with the Sales team and I got to see the creative team in action as they worked on a new project. It was interesting to see how the different offices and departments come together and work as a team on the same projects. The office also had a few dogs running around, so fair to say I didn’t want to leave when home time came.

How has the internship helped you decide on your career direction?

Having just completed a Law degree, the internship allowed me to explore different things that I hadn’t been exposed to in the legal industry. I’ve quickly been able to determine which areas I’m interested in, and in which ones I wouldn’t like to pursue a career. And I think this is very important, because it means I can concentrate on developing the skills necessary for the career paths that I now know I want to pursue, instead of spending time trying out a variety of things which I might end up not enjoying at the end.

Would you recommend the internship at Waracle?

Absolutely! Waracle has given me the opportunity to explore areas outside my legal degree and outside my usual Marketing and Sales role, and I was continuously learning new things – however small these sometimes felt, they formed the foundations of various skills that I can now go on to develop further.

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