Is blockchain the successor to databases? Meetup 3 May, Dundee.

28th March 2018

Waracle and Wallet.Services are teaming up with Dundee Blockchain Meetup to share the latest thoughts on blockchain for business. Meetup spaces are limited so register now for 3 May 2018 event. You’ll get an introduction to blockchain fundamentals and leave with ideas how your business could benefit from blockchain.

This year, blockchain will continue to emerge and mature in terms of scalability, verifiability, manageability and auditability. Understanding blockchain platforms, emerging business models and processes will be critical to success.

Wallet.Services, Chief Product Officer Stewart Pavitt will answer “Is blockchain the natural successor to databases?” Stewart has been working in software development since 2002 and has spent the last three years working on identity, authorisation and authentication before joining Wallet.Services.

During this session, Stewart will cover all of the fundamentals of blockchain and introduce ideas for blockchain in business before introducing Paul Miller and Ronan Sandford from Dundee Blockchain Meetup.

Paul Miller, Senior developer and resident crypto-maniac at City Web Consultants will discuss What is Money and you’ll go away with various perspectives on money and the evolution of Cryptocurrency.

To finish the meetup, Ronan Sandford, Co founder and full stack game developer at @etherplay will be exploring and describing the uses and implementation of state and payment channels on Ethereum network in his session on State Channels.


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