iPhone 5S takes China by storm

16th December 2013

Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5S, has gone down exceptionally well in China, comprising 12% of all smartphone sales during October. Apple has secured a lucrative deal with China Mobile which gives the Californian company distribution access to the Chinese market. China Mobile is the worlds largest mobile carrier and is poised to make an announcement to roll out 4G access in the next week or so. The success of the iPhone 5S in the Chinese market has propelled the smartphone to become the best selling smartphone in the world.

The iPhone 5S now represents roughly 10% of all iPhone’s in use. The iPhone 5S comes equipped with a built-in fingerprint scanner was also release with a radically new operating system called iOS7. What’s encouraging for Apple is that iOS7 was adopted faster than its earlier predecessor iOS6. In addition, sales of the iPhone 5S have been greater than the iPhone 4S which was released last year amidst massive hype to the Chinese public. These are both positive performance indicators for Apple.

This means that Apple now has a 12% share of the Chinese smartphone market, a significant increase from 3% in the previous year. This now makes Apple the third largest player in the Chinese smartphone market in the face of extremely stiff competition.

The sudden increase in sales performance can be attributed to the fact many Chinese consumers were waiting for the upgraded model to be launched. In China, the iPhone 5S is viewed by wealthier consumers as a status symbol and this has enabled Apple to gain an increased market share when compared to competing smartphone manufacturers. This trend is set to continue as Apple’s deal with China mobile provides them with access to 750 million smartphone subscribers, with analysts predicting Apple could become the number one market player before the end of the year.

This is significant news for Apple as China represents the worlds largest market for smartphones. It’s also one of the fastest growing markets in the world for sales of mobile devices.

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