Google Glass: Why are we excited?

13th June 2013

TechCrunch is reporting today that those who have bought the Explorer editions of Google Glass have a mysterious package on the way to them today. Apparently they received notifications earlier today telling them that a UPS van was on its way to them with a 1lb package straight from Google X. For those who don’t know, Google X is the secretive Google research division that has brought us Glass and the self-driving cars that have been making quite amazing headway in recent times.

The internet is, of course, afire with speculation.

Some reckon that it’s a white Nexus 4, a reward perhaps for being loyal Googlers and helping Glass get out into the wider world. As the Crunch article says, it’s probably not that and is more likely a t-shirt. That said however, no one is sure, and as of the time of writing this article, the wider internet knows as much as we do about what is in these mysterious care packages. Our own speculation is either a t-shirt, or perhaps a yet unknown peripheral to Glass. What that could be is anyone’s guess, but Google are known for their love of all things shiny and new so it’s not outwith the bounds of possibility that they’ll be sending something exciting.

What this little incident does show though, judging by the reaction, is that people are still really excited by Glass.

Some people, usually those who refer to Glass wearers as “glassholes” have been pretty vehnement with their decrying of the new tech, and the topic has certainly been a divisive one; mostly over the issue of privacy. People don’t like the idea of having a camera pointing at their face all the time, that much they’ve made abundantly clear.

This hasn’t stopped a large section of the tech world getting really excited for this new technology, including us at Waracle.

Why are we excited though?

Looking at it, Google Glass isn’t really that revolutionary in terms of actual features. It can give you real-time info cards and turn-by-turn navigation along with taking pictures and video to share. Every smartphone in the world can do these things. So what’s the big deal?

It’s not so much what it does, but how that has got us all in eager anticipation.

Glass is the first really futuristic piece of wearable tech out there, and according to those who have used it, it’s got very real potential to change how we interact with connected devices forever. Sure it’s not very capable now, but think back to the first iPhone, it was revolutionary for its time, but it wasn’t really much of a step up in terms of capabilities compared to the feature phones it was released with. Now look at it. The same can be said for Glass. What it can do now isn’t really that important, all it needs to do is act as a proof of concept. Once it’s proved that not only is wearable tech like Glass viable, but that people want it, the original Glass’ job will be done. Because, think ahead for a moment. If Glass v1.0 is a proof of concept and can already get people excited, imagine what Glass v3 might bring. A whole new market is about to open up to this technology, and the mobile market is going to be changed forever.

And we can’t wait.

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