Google Glass Launch Date

21st March 2013

The only way to easily obtain Google Glass right now is by getting a job with Google. So what the world wants to know is when non-Google employees will be able to get their hands on the new technology. In summer 2012 the company opened up pre-orders for Google Glass Explorer Edition. This was a version of it’s augmented reality Google Glass designed specifically for developers. Over the past 6 months the company has been working hard developing and testing both the hardware and software in a real-world environment to refine Google Glass. Attendees of last year’s Google I/O developer focused conference were able to place pre-orders for the $1500 super spectacles. Today we wanted to explore the Google Glass launch date.

Google Glass Launch

What we really want to know is when Google Glass is going to hit the mainstream. Mark Zuckerberg has already hinted he’s excited about the launch of Google Glass. This is probably because Google Glass is set to further push the boundaries of what people find acceptable in terms of their own privacy and the data they choose to relinquish to companies like Facebook. We choose to sacrifice our privacy for the enjoyment of using the technology to enable Facebook and Google to make a profit.

So Google has been feverishly uploading new marketing videos extolling the benefits of a world saturated with Google Glass. What we’re getting from Google is an increasingly clear picture of how the user interface will actually work. This is fuelling the fire for app developers looking to understand the commercial possibilities of Google Glass. Although Google Glass was actually announced some time ago, these new videos provide substantially more detail about the functionality of the headset and a clear idea of the actual design of the product.


Early Days

The Google Glass technology will enable users to receive and execute on-screen directions and send voice activated messages. Users will be able to browse the web using speech as information is overlaid less than an inch away from the human eye. Analysts are now predicting an early 2014 launch date for Google Glass as demand for the product increases rapidly. It’s still very early days for Google Glass. With any technology there are bound to be teething problems, but what’s exciting is that people are getting out into the world and helping to test, refine and influence the future development of the technology.

How much will it actually cost to own Google Glass? And when will these be available? The company is currently pushing out developer editions of Google Glass for $1500. We’d expect to see a consumer version on the market in 2013 for less than $1500.

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