Exciting news for the world of Augmented Reality

23rd July 2019

Last week saw some incredibly exciting news in the world of Augmented Reality, definitely a bit of a game changer! Unity announced that with it’s newest release, you will now be able to support existing native apps with AR content, something that was not previously possible before.

If you have an app already this means that we can add AR as a feature into the app, using Unity as a library and without the need to rebuild or build a new app just for AR functionality.

Larger organisations are likely to be the ones who benefit here, many of whom will have had apps for a while now, have considered AR features, but haven’t wanted the potential headache of managing multiple apps, marketing campaigns, optimisation and the actual cost of building a second app. All those headaches are pretty much no longer a concern, thanks to the clever guys at Unity and their new release.

I guess the question is now, which of the big brands will act upon this first. We know consumers are ready for AR marketing, it’ll just be a case of how this is implemented and who puts this to good use to win consumers loyalty.

If you’re interested in better understanding the capabilities of Augmented Reality or thinking about undertaking a digital transformation project, it’d be great to hear from you, you can contact us here – let’s start the conversation.

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