Reasons why Dundee should be the City of Culture: James Chalmers

27th August 2013

City of Culture

Have you ever considered the reasons why Dundee should be the City of Culture? We’ve come up with a great reason: James Chalmers! After the success of our 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dundee video; Waracle are back with a full series telling you more about the reasons why we should be the 2017 City of Culture. Today we’re talking about the man who owned a book shop that you can still see the plaque of today on Castle St.

His name was James Chalmers, inventor of the sticky postage stamp we all know and use today and from Dundee. He was also a major contributor to postal and civil reform, as well as being a book publisher in his shop; helping push Dundee’s writing culture further.

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