Data Lab MSc project – what it means for our clients!

2nd August 2016

In December, when most of the Waracle team were thinking about Christmas, our Optimisation team were jumping up and down with excitement when they heard about the opportunity to host a project for a local Data Lab MSc student. You probably hear about ‘Big Data’ in the news every day and perhaps wonder what it’s all about. Waracle Optimisation team are pretty much obsessed with data and swimming in it! Whether it’s data for client apps, websites, digital marketing campaigns (or even their own Nest or FitBit stats!) our team are keen to remain on the cutting edge of data science techniques – hence their interest in this project.

It certainly didn’t take long for Waracle to propose a data visualisation project via e-Placement Scotland and The Data Lab which could really benefit our mobile app optimisation clients in the long-run and before we knew it, summer arrived along with Jean Vallee a student of the University of Dundee who quickly became part of the Waracle Optimisation team participating in daily stand-up meetings (he even got to see the Queen when she visited Dundee – but that’s another story!)

Jean’s mission at Waracle!

Waracle Mobile App Developers have been in mobile apps from the very beginning, building mobile apps on all platforms, across all sectors and working with a large number of clients. The mobile app optimisation team in Dundee monitor all apps and create regular data reports with analysis and recommendations to help optimise apps and mobile marketing campaigns.

Ian Treleaven, Head of Optimisation says, “It’s become increasingly important for us to present app data in a way that stands out and helps our clients to improve their apps. We’ve always known that one of the best ways to get our message across to clients is to use a visualisation. By presenting data visually it’s possible to uncover surprising trends and observations that wouldn’t be obvious from looking only at stats. Our goal of this project was to apply data science techniques to create automated reporting including visualisations. One of our goals was to create a stacked doughnut visualisation to show a month’s data compared to the previous month, that month last year and an annual average for various channel grouping acquisition sources and other dimensions.”

About the technical environment of the prototype

Jean’s visualisation app consists of a web server that generates scalable charts for the monthly reports sent to clients. These customised charts have been designed to be more meaningful to the client than built-in charts. The application uses Javascript packages for data analytics extraction, loading and visualisation. It has been designed for a fast generation of images and for their easy and simple inclusion in the reports.

Working with the Optimisation Team

Jean Vallee, Data Lab MSc student says, “This industry placement at Waracle has been a very enriching experience. It’s a human-size and dynamic company open to new ideas. I’ve learned how an optimisation team works: how its members Ian, Caroline, Frank and Raul all collaborate with their different skills in Management, Marketing, Data Analysis and Development. My contribution to the team was mainly to develop visualisation applications using their state-of-the-art software tools and hardware.

Ian Treleaven, Head of Optimisation said, “We were delighted with the interest shown in the Waracle project and received a number of student applications. It’s such a great opportunity for data scientists, like Jean, to further develop their data visualisation skills along with teamwork and project management during the placement. Having Jean as part of our team has given us some awesome data visualisation tools to optimise (excuse the pun) our Optimisation reports for clients.”

If all this has whet your appetite for mobile app optimisation, why not contact the Waracle Optimisation team today to talk about your data and reporting requirements? We’d love to hear from you!

Working with Waracle

Waracle provides a fast-paced work environment where we nurture our marketing, optimisation, graphics, sales and software engineering talent with weekly brown bag sessions, monthly get togethers and all the fruit you can eat! Waracle puts its people at the heart of everything we do, making us a great environment in which to do great work, have fun and go home happy!

If you fancy working with Waracle why not get in touch with our Head of Talent to chat about all we have on offer at Waracle Mobile App Developers.

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