Apple launches new stuff today

22nd October 2013

Apple is launching some new stuff today. Expect to see a new iPad, iPad mini retina, OS Mavericks, the all new Mac Pro and perhaps the rumoured iWatch. Apple is the dominant force in the tablet market and we can expect to see them launching at least two of these goodies at the launch event. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see:

The new iPad

First up is the brand new iPad. Expect the new iPad to be smaller, thinner, faster and all of the usual adjectives you’d expect to associate with the launch of any new Apple product. The new iPad will possess Apple’s latest 64 bit A7 chip and a TouchID fingerprint scanner to boot. But here’s the big question – will Kanye West be able to buy his in champagne gold colour?

The new iPad mini retina display

You can expect to see Apple announce the launch of a brand new iPad mini complete with retina display. The retina display basically crams more pixels onto your device to enhance the quality of the user experience. Prices are predicted to remain high for the iPad mini retina display with basic models starting at $399.

The new Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro looks suspiciously like something from an Alien movie. It’s sleek, black and shaped like a rocket ship. The all new Mac Pro will pack a whopping 7 teraflops of computing muscle – this would have been considered a ‘supercomputer’ less than a decade ago. The new Mac Pro will be ideal for video production ninjas who’ll have the ability to run three 4k displays simultaneously.

OSX Mavericks

Apple’s new operating system dubbed ‘Mavericks’ is rumoured to be announced at the event. We know very little/nothing about what to expect. But expect to hear an announcement.

The iWatch

Could it be? After so much speculation and hype, the time could be here for Apple to announce the eagerly anticipated iWatch. After Samsung’s disastrous and critically mauled launch of the Galaxy Gear, Apple will be looking to blaze a trail into wearable technology. The iWatch will be the first step for Apple in terms of leading the wearable technology charge. This one’s an outsiders bet but don’t be surprised to hear an announcement of some kind.

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