Apple iWatch: Is This A Spoiler?

27th May 2013

Did any of you see the new Apple commercial that aired last week? For those of you that did, with a keen eye for detail, you may have noticed something that looked suspiciously like the much anticipated Apple iWatch. As you can see on the image below, there’s something on the guys wrist that looks distinctly like a watch. Not just any old watch, an unusual looking watch, something of which the likes we have never seen. It’s not a Pebble watch and it’s certainly not a retro Casio style throwback. But if this image proves to be an early sneak preview of the Apple iWatch, the design and overall vibe of it feels pretty underwhelming.

If this is a purposeful marketing stunt by Apple, it’s an interesting way to subliminally raise awareness about the iwatch. Perhaps this is Apple’s means of creating the boundaries of war, in an attempt to swing public favour towards the iWatch as opposed to Google’s Glass offering. At present, the Apple iWatch is rumoured for launch in late 2014. This seems a long time to wait for something that will ultimately act as a peripheral piece of hardware to your iPhone 5. When compared to the buzz around Google Glass, it seems Apple is struggling to drum up the same feverish excitement around it’s iWatch device. Keep your eyes peeled for more Apple commercials on TV that may be offering similar clues in relation to the iWatch.


So what do you think? Both Apple and Google are working hard to generate hype around Google Glass and the iWatch. Apple has a history of innovating at the right speed and at the right times, but perhaps Google is tipping the balance as Glass continues to captivate and bemuse consumers in equal measure. The world of mobile is changing rapidly and one company will lead the march forward into wearable technology, right now it looks like the leader will be Google. Apple’s pace of technological innovation is plateauing and Google has an opportunity to move first and fastest into the wearable technology market. Let us know your thoughts and watch this space for details.

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