Apple Gears Up For WWDC

6th June 2013

With less than a week until WWDC, Apple is currently moving into the Moscone to prepare for the event. On Tuesday evening, onlookers were clearly able to see half of a giant Apple logo appearing on the side of the now legendary conference centre. Looking almost abandoned, hopefully the Apple branding crew will be back soon to complete the other half. The event is set to kick off on Monday 10th of June and Apple fans are expecting some big announcements.

World Wide Developers Conference

Apple evangelists expect big things each time the company build up to a WWDC conference. Over the years, the event has played launch pad for some of Apple’s most successful and captivating products like the iPhone and the iPad. As such, expectations are always high and people expect the same mind-blowing product launches every time. With pressure mounting, it’s becoming clear that Apple may not have a killer product innovation to launch at WWDC. People want an Apple iTV or the announcement of some wearable tech like the iWatch.

WWDC Announcements

The Apple WWDC annual conference is intended to cover news and announcements surrounding Apple’s software platforms including iOS and OSX. What we’re expecting is for Apple to launch new versions of iOS and OSX at WWDC. Given that iOS is now over 5 years old, consumers feel the style and layout of the software needs a serious shake-up. Apple is likely to announce a major update to iOS 7 at WWDC and people are expecting big things.

What would you like to see at WWDC? Let us know your thoughts!

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