The Age of Assistance – 20 September, Edinburgh Networking Event

3rd September 2018

We’re in the middle of the connected revolution – industry 4.0 is here! Mobile sits at the heart of everything we do, assisting us with a multitude of tasks by using simple voice-activated artificial intelligence assistants through to the Internet of Things (IoT) interconnected systems for lights, thermostats, kitchen appliances and more!

There’s no doubt that people can now have more purposeful experiences with technology, yet what people experience often differs vastly from what they want to experience.

The void between what the consumer wants vs. what the consumer gets has never been so exaggerated.  Key players such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Netflix, seem to be moving forward.

The Age of Assistance – Networking Breakfast – 20 September, Edinburgh

Waracle’s Chief Technical Officer, Mike Wharton is speaking about all of this at the next BIMA networking event.

In his presentation and panel session he will explore the needs and roles of both consumers and brands in the age of assistance, how assistance is going to develop further with technology and AI’s role in adding empathy to the experience.

Mike will be joined by Michael Thompson, Senior Media Strategist, Digitas, David Low, Head of Alternative Channels, Skyscanner, Patrick O’Flaherty, Co-founder and CEO, SpeechKit.

Register now for the 20 September Breakfast Briefing – The Age of Assistance by BIMA.

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